Tuckman’s Model in Plain English

So, we just finished up our capsule on Tuckman’s Model of group formation. After creating my own picture chart to represent the model and seeing the projects of my classmates, I was better able to understand how groups form and the stages that we go through. Some pretty interesting stuff, as usual. I find myself to be a very visual learner (always have been) so when I’m trying to understand something, I like to see pictures or videos. That being said, I found this short video, “Tuckman’s Model in Plain English”. Have you ever seen the Plain English videos in the past? If you haven’t, they’re worth looking up if you ever need something broken down for you or your students. Common Craft (videos in Plain English site).


Happy Easter !!

Happy Easter evening everyone. As I sit here with my family reflecting on that which we did today, I feel very thankful for the life that I have. I have healthy children, a devoted husband and a great extended family. I often find myself getting so caught up in the daily grind of “life” that it seems as though things are flying by in the blink of an eye and the little things go unnoticed. That being said, I feel as though things are nearing the end in our Adult Learning Course and I am very happy to say that I am walking away with sooo much more than I came into this course with. I am so happy that I made the decision to enroll and work with all of you. I hope that you find yourself surrounded by those that you love this evening and that you have much to be thankful for.

“Whoever loves much, performs much, and can accomplish much, and what is done in love is done well.” – Vincent Van Gogh


This week = OVERLOAD !!!

Well, coming off of a university spring break week, this week is shaping up to be quite busy. I’m trying to get my tool time done for all of you, it’s the end of the trimester in the school district and I have 740 students to post grades for (yup I said it 740!), my baby if turning one in a month (so we’re in full planning mode), I just got notice that I’m getting observed within the next two weeks and my oldest just started spring track. Hum, I’d say this should be an interesting few weeks!! I do love to be busy and in light of Attribute #4 I was the one who said I’m ready to learn, and learn so far I feel that I have. Having only been with you all a few short weeks, I have already walked away with so mush new knowledge and tools, I feel like a re-invented person, lol. Anyhow that’s my rant for the evening, I’m going to post a little teaser for my tool time, which I’m hoping to have done for tomorrow. Here is my thinglink that I created while learning to use the tool, which I’m hoping to use with my students to introduce some culture later this month.

How to create life long learners with experiential learning

I found this blog post when while doing some research on eLearning, and as visuals always help me personally to better understand things, it really helped me to understand how experiences really help us to absorb information the best. When I think back to my own schooling everything was taught from the book, very teacher centered and unfortunately I feel like I graduated high school with a bunch of garbled information in my brain, but no concise way to tie it all together and apply it to the real world. I was left confused and disgusted with school, having no desire to peruse higher education. When I finally decided to put my life into perspective (some 5 years later) and I decided to finally peruse a degree in Higher Education, I realized that education had indeed changed a bit, it was no longer teacher centered, but more hands on. I was finally able to enjoy schooling and work with others on collaborative projects. I now (as an educator myself) pull from my own life experiences and try to make my own classroom fun and interactive and keep all of my students engaged to the best of my ability.

“Experiential learning is motivating because learners immediately realize that they are learning skills that they can employ in real life. They see the learning outcomes being fulfilled and feel encouraged to continue with the content.” – Karla Gutierrez

knoweldge vs experience

Inspiration for using Technology Daily in the classroom

I found this poster to be a good guide for technology use in the classroom. To be an effective educator, we need to accept change, ESPECIALLY when it comes to technology. Technology is ALWAYS changing. There are always new apps and programs, and although it is often a challenge to keep up, I think that we need to embrace it. Sharing and collaboration is also key. I cannot tell you how many new tools I have already learned from all of you in just a few short weeks. 7-habits-of-teachers-who-effectively-use-technology