This week = OVERLOAD !!!

Well, coming off of a university spring break week, this week is shaping up to be quite busy. I’m trying to get my tool time done for all of you, it’s the end of the trimester in the school district and I have 740 students to post grades for (yup I said it 740!), my baby if turning one in a month (so we’re in full planning mode), I just got notice that I’m getting observed within the next two weeks and my oldest just started spring track. Hum, I’d say this should be an interesting few weeks!! I do love to be busy and in light of Attribute #4 I was the one who said I’m ready to learn, and learn so far I feel that I have. Having only been with you all a few short weeks, I have already walked away with so mush new knowledge and tools, I feel like a re-invented person, lol. Anyhow that’s my rant for the evening, I’m going to post a little teaser for my tool time, which I’m hoping to have done for tomorrow. Here is my thinglink that I created while learning to use the tool, which I’m hoping to use with my students to introduce some culture later this month.


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