How to create life long learners with experiential learning

I found this blog post when while doing some research on eLearning, and as visuals always help me personally to better understand things, it really helped me to understand how experiences really help us to absorb information the best. When I think back to my own schooling everything was taught from the book, very teacher centered and unfortunately I feel like I graduated high school with a bunch of garbled information in my brain, but no concise way to tie it all together and apply it to the real world. I was left confused and disgusted with school, having no desire to peruse higher education. When I finally decided to put my life into perspective (some 5 years later) and I decided to finally peruse a degree in Higher Education, I realized that education had indeed changed a bit, it was no longer teacher centered, but more hands on. I was finally able to enjoy schooling and work with others on collaborative projects. I now (as an educator myself) pull from my own life experiences and try to make my own classroom fun and interactive and keep all of my students engaged to the best of my ability.

“Experiential learning is motivating because learners immediately realize that they are learning skills that they can employ in real life. They see the learning outcomes being fulfilled and feel encouraged to continue with the content.” – Karla Gutierrez

knoweldge vs experience


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